What is the name of the product/project?

Email Sanitizer

Who is the target audience or specific personas we are targeting?

Individuals concerned about their online privacy, security-conscious users, professionals, and anyone seeking to minimize their digital footprint.

What is the objective of the project? What problem does it solve? Why would the target audience need this?

Create an innovative and user-friendly application that prioritizes user privacy by automatically and efficiently removing personal information from companies prone to data breaches.

What are the key differentiators from competitors? What are the key features?

* Automated Data Sanitization:
* Sweep will automatically scan and identify companies with a history of data breaches.
* Efficiently remove personal information associated with the user from these companies’ databases.
* User-Friendly Interface:
* Intuitive design for easy navigation.
* Simple onboarding process for a seamless user experience.
* Clear visualizations to showcase the sanitization process.

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