Sudo Privacy Architecture

Living your life online shouldn’t mean leaving your life online.

Secured with End-to-End Encryption

Privacy and control just became
easy and accessible.

At Anonyome Labs, we believe that living your life online shouldn’t mean leaving your life online. Using strong anonymity and encryption, our products have been designed for use by everyday consumers who want to take back control of their online world. The result is a family of apps that are intuitive, accessible and easy to use – while providing advanced cryptography and state-of-the-art secure communications. Now, everyone can live online without compromising their safety, privacy and identity.

Safety, security and privacy by design.

Strong Anonymity
We don’t know who you are. Your mobile number, email and username are never required to use Sudo.
End-to-End Encryption
We use RSA 2048 and AES 256 bit keys to protect everything you do, and your private keys never leave your device.
Zero Knowledge
We do not have, store, mine or sell any of your personal data. You can delete your Sudo data at any time.

The only app that never asks
for your identity.

Our architecture allows you to keep your personal information with you at all times. We never ask for your phone number, email address, social media logins or access to your phone’s contacts. We never know who you are because we don’t collect, monitor or store your text messages, calls, emails and browsing activity—providing 100% anonymity from the thousands of companies and cybercriminals trying to track your every move. Now you can say goodbye to the mass collection of your personal and private information.

How we’re different.

You might think we’re just like all the other private communications apps. Think again.

Sudo is your secure messenger, email, phone, browser and payments platform—in one simple and intuitive app. No more clunky, complex and disparate encrypted communication apps. This is the only app you’ll ever need to safely, securely and privately interact with people, apps and online services without ever giving up your personal and private information. Sudo lets you create custom digital identities that empower you with private and personalized phone numbers, email addresses, virtual payment cards, private browsing and more. Now, you can freely communicate with anyone, anywhere, whether they have Sudo or not.

Other private communications apps only allow you to communicate within their network, to other registered users
SudoIn allows you to communicate safely, securely and privately with other Sudo users and identities
SudoOut allows you to communicate safely, securely and privately with anyone, anywhere, even if they don’t have Sudo

No more walled gardens.

Communicate with anyone, anywhere, on any device
– whether they have Sudo or not.

Sudo Features