Take back control of your digital life


The Sudo Shift

We live in a world of change. We live, learn, experience and evolve in a constant ebb and flow. These feelings, beliefs and circumstances define us. We are the culmination of our life experiences where the only thing permanent is change.

Yet, somehow, the internet evolved differently. Everything we do online is recorded and attached to us like a digital tattoo. Our emails, texts, pictures, purchases, browsing histories and searches are literally stored forever. Yet, we have no control or knowledge of what is done with our information. Why should a picture of your reckless college fraternity party follow you to that job interview? Why should your mobile number and email address—which you’ve had for years—be required to use your favorite app or to check out at the local store? After all, your personal information should be considered your most valuable commodity.

So much of our daily lives, interactions and personal experiences have moved to the online world. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to change, adapt, mature and engage—both online and offline. The online world shouldn’t entitle any person or entity with free and infinite access to our most personal details. Control, privacy and ‘freedom from permanence’ are natural human rights, and something we’ve always taken for granted.

The internet is broken. It doesn’t match how people want to naturally interact and engage. It has unfairly shifted the balance of power to big companies and even bigger governments. The erosion of this fundamental right has led us down a path toward a very dystopian future; one where freedom of association, expression, and the ability to hold minority views, are constantly threatened. Liberal democracy ensures we have these freedoms, yet we’ve been convinced that sacrificing them is for our own good. To protect these rights – and to protect ourselves – we must change our online habits.

We created Sudo to drive this change. Sudo is a proxy for all the unique roles you have. It’s a digital version of you – empowering you with private and personalized phone numbers, email addresses, virtual payment cards, and much more. Your Sudo identities can be used in every part of your life to segment and compartmentalize the many different relationships you maintain—giving you complete control over your personal information.

Your Sudo identity is the way to take back control and ownership of your digital world. It’s your response to the power imbalance that exists today between you and the many privacy violators and data miners. We believe Sudo is the cornerstone of a global privacy and empowerment revolution that will shift the balance of power—from the public and private data miners, advertisers and organizations demanding your personal information—back to you.

Digital Bill of Rights

The right of the people to have strong online anonymity in order to conceal their personal details shall not be violated.
No person shall be denied ownership of their personal digital information, nor will any entity have the ability to collect, store or sell this personal information without prior written consent of the owner of that information.
The control over who, what, when, where and how a person's private information is shared, rests solely with the person who owns that information.
The right of the people to change, and/or permanently delete, their personal and private information pursuant to their needs, shall not be violated.
No person should be required to share or provide personal or private information beyond the needs of the service being offered.