Our Executive Team

The Anonyome Labs team has decades of deep expertise in security, identity management, authentication and authorization, cloud, privacy, and cryptography. We’re a group of experienced engineers with a complete understanding of building and scaling secure software solutions. Since founding Anonyome Labs in 2014, the team has been devoted to providing secure solutions to people and partners globally that address the need for privacy and cyber safety.
JD Mumford
JD Mumford

JD leads our strategic future.

He drives operations, corporate and business development, and partnerships for our rapidly growing brand.

JD is an expert in scaling software as a service business model, and has over 14 years’ experience building, selling, and deploying software solutions for consumers and global brand owners.

Before leading Anonyme Labs, JD was part of Blue Coat Systems’ cloud operations team, helping drive its transition to cloud services for large enterprises. JD also spent over seven years at E2open, Inc. in product, marketing, and sales roles, and was the top revenue-producing business development executive during E2open rapid growth to IPO.

JD has worked on dozens of successful global supply chain software and business solution deployments for Fortune 500 companies and their trading partners in the US, Asia Pacific, and Europe. He has held roles in engineering, product management, marketing, professional services, and business development.

JD has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Dr. Paul Ashley
Dr. Paul Ashley

Paul leads our strategic future.

He drives company product strategy, security and application architecture, emerging technologies, IP protection, and technical partnerships.

Paul is a leading expert in security and privacy technologies, with more than 30 years’ experience in information security.

Paul’s work in software product development spans architectural leadership across a range of security products for mobile, cloud, and enterprise environments. He specializes in identity and access management, privacy management, and mobile security. He has also led large enterprise security projects in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

During 15 years at IBM, Paul provided architecture leadership to the Security Systems division, which included product management, key client projects, product architecture, patent disclosures, acquisitions, presentations, and university lectures. He was recognized at IBM as a Senior Technical Staff Member, Member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a Master Inventor.

Paul has deep experience in IP protection and has 27 patents. He’s authored books and technical papers on information security and privacy. Paul holds degrees in electronics engineering and computer science, and a PhD in information security. He is CISSP-certified and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Neil Readshaw
Chief Security Officer
Neil Readshaw
Chief Security Officer

Neil is a recognized and awarded industry leader in security, privacy, and compliance.

Neil has led our security, risk and compliance programs since we started in 2014. He has helped the company achieve major milestones including PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, EU GDPR, and CCPA readiness, and works with partners to ensure compliance with their stringent security and data protection requirements.

Neil came to Anonyome Labs from IBM’s Security and Cloud divisions, where he most recently led a global team as Chief Security Architect for IBM’s Managed Cloud Services. Neil’s technical leadership was recognized as a Senior Technical Staff Member, Member of the IBM Academy of Technology and IBM’s first Master Inventor in Australia.

Neil has been granted over 30 patents worldwide for his inventions in security, privacy and compliance. He is a member and Chair of the University of Queensland School of ITEE’s Industry Advisory Board, which helps to shape the School’s strategic direction.

Cristal Kelshaw
Head of HR & Cross Site Operations
Cristal Kelshaw
Head of HR & Cross Site Operations

Cristal leads the human and operational sides of our business.

She really knows startups, having spent more than 20 years’ in finance, operations, customer support, and human resources withcompanies such as Smile Reminder, C7 Data Centers, Smart Bomb Interactive, Helius, PointeCast, Traxess, and Solera Networks.

Before joining Anonyome Labs at its inception, Cristal was Senior Director of Business Process Management at Blue Coat Systems in the acquisition of Solera Networks. She was the VP of Human Resources at Solera Networks for a year and a half prior to acquisition and was the Controller there for the five years before that. Prior to Solera, Cristal spent 10 years consulting as a Controller for over 20 companies in the high tech, security, real estate and medical verticals.

Cristal has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Southern Utah University.

Paul Jensen
Head of User Support
Paul Jensen
Head of User Support

Paul leads our worldwide user support teams.

Since 2014, he has helped lead product development and shape our rapidly growing company.

Paul has over 25 years’ experience in software development, and particularly security technologies, in access management, identity management, privacy, and mobile security.

Before joining Anonyome Labs, Paul worked in senior management at IBM across product development, support, services, customer advocacy, and special projects. He was instrumental in establishing and growing the first security R&D center outside the US, located in Queensland, Australia. Prior to that, Paul was a co-founder and director of DASCOM, a security startup headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA. He’s also held engineering roles in government, academic, and commercial organizations.

Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics, and patents in transactional authorization.


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