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We’re optimists and problem solvers. We believe personal freedom hinges on safety and security, and this liberty is essential in our expanding digital world. We provide scalable mobile and desktop solutions that empower your users to protect their private information.
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The challenge

In today’s world millions of consumers manage much of their lives online, requiring personally identifiable information at every turn. Consumers need access to these online conveniences while also protecting their personal data.

Our solution: the Sudo

Sudos are a new standard in digital privacy. A Sudo is a customizable profile that provides users a powerful way to control and decide what information they share. They can include a name, phone number, email address, virtual credit card, web browser, and more. Your customers can use Sudos to keep their personal info private for online sign ups, selling, shopping, and anytime personal info is requested.

Sudo Platform

The Sudo platform is a one-of-a-kind privacy solution. Tap into our suite of Sudo enabled capabilities by choosing from our turnkey APIs and SDKs. We can help provide users with the safety and security they need. So you can focus on what you do best, build your core business. Explore how the Sudo Platform can empower your customers.

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Our platform in action


We are an experienced technology provider that builds consumer privacy solutions tailored to your specific product needs. We’ve built cross platform software applications for large enterprise organizations which leverage our experience, Sudo platform capabilities, and our advantage of building quality products quickly, to get products to market fast.


Check out the MySudo app, which offers users safety and security in the digital world. Create and manage Sudos for privacy protection online, on the phone, or wherever technology takes you.

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People love having a Sudo

From our app store
“Can’t live without it. I don’t understand how I manage to survive without this app, it is absolutely indispensable.”
“So easy! I thought this app was so easy to use and It’s so awesome to have an avenue for creating a secure identity account! Good job! I would recommend!”
“Awesome!!! Easy to use and private! Win win!!!!”
“Should be in everyone’s phone. I love this app! Mysudo is a must have in this age when all these companies are buying and selling out information.”

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