The internet stole your privacy.
Now you can take it back.

Sudo identities

Why We Exist

We believe privacy is a human right. We should have the right to control and protect our personal and private information. Having this freedom gives us the safety and security we need for the modern, digital world.

Everything we do online is analyzed, stored and sold to the highest bidder.
Everything we do online is analyzed, stored and sold to the highest bidder.

We need a change. This means taking back our digital identity so that we can control and compartmentalize all of our personal information.

How We Build

We invented Sudo to put control back in your hands. Now you can create multiple digital identities to protect and manage all of your searching, shopping, selling and socializing activities. We’ve built this with strong anonymity and complete privacy in mind.

Strong Anonymity
We don’t know who you are. Your mobile number, email and username are never required to use Sudo.
End-to-End Encryption
We use RSA 2048 and AES 256 bit keys to protect everything you do, and your private keys never leave your device.
Zero Knowledge
We do not have, store, mine or sell any of your personal data. You can delete your Sudo data at any time.

What You Get

Digital safety, security and privacy is finally within reach.
Now it’s time we take a stand and take back control of what is rightfully ours.

We see a world with billions of Sudos, doing the things they want—safely, securely and privately. We want to give everyone this kind of freedom and shift the balance of power away from the hackers, trackers and big data miners.

If this resonates with you, download our apps below and follow us @Sudoverse to see what happens next.