We are Anonyome Labs

We believe that living your life online shouldn’t mean leaving your life online.

Using strong anonymity and advanced encryption, our apps have been designed for use by everyday consumers for every part of their online and offline world.

We created Anonyome Labs to help put safety and privacy back in your hands.

In a world consumed by Wikileaks, identity theft, security breaches, and public and private data miners, the time has come to fix what is wrong with the Internet—namely that everything we do is recorded, analyzed, stored, and sold to the highest bidder. Using strong anonymity and advanced encryption, our apps have been designed for use by everyday consumers for every part of their online world. The result is a platform that gives anyone the power to create a proxy – or avatar – for their identity that can be used in both the online and offline world to safeguard their data, while insuring the safety and security of their identity and online activity.

Safe, secure and private architecture.

Private Keychain End-to-End Encryption Strong Anonymity

Only you hold the keys
  • Only you hold the keys to access and see your Sudo avatars and data.
  • Your unique encryption keys are never stored on our servers.
  • You can, as an option, back up your encryption keys to your iCloud account.
Your SudoApp data + our cloud
  • Any SudoApp information you create, that is stored in our cloud, is encrypted.
  • We do not have, nor hold, your unique encryption keys.
  • We can never decrypt any of your data that is stored on our cloud.
SudoApp encryption keys
  • Once you activate SudoApp, we create your unique encryption keys.
  • We create RSA 2048 bit private & public key pairs and AES 256 bit symmetric keys.
  • Every request SudoApp makes to our cloud is signed using an RSA private key.
SudoApp encrypted messaging
  • All Sudo-to-Sudo text messages are end-to-end (E2E) encrypted.
  • When you send a text, SudoApp encrypts it on your device first.
  • Your message can only be decrypted and read by the recipient’s SudoApp.
100% privacy
  • SudoApp E2E encryption keeps your conversations completely private.
  • There are no cryptographic keys stored on any intermediate servers.
  • Neither we, nor anyone else, could intercept and decrypt your messages.
SudoApp hack-proof email
  • We are excited to announce that Sudo-to-Sudo emails will soon be E2E encrypted too.
  • This means all Sudo-to-Sudo email communications will be 100% private, and only seen by you and the people you send them to.
You are in control
  • We do not require you to register to activate and use SudoApp.
  • We do not require you to create an account, login or password.
  • We do not know who you are.
No personal info to expose
  • We do not have, nor do we store, your personal information.
  • There is no personal data in our cloud for hackers to expose.
  • There is no personal data of any kind that we could expose.
Be anonymous in a crowd
  • SudoApp gives you anonymity in a crowd of hackers, trackers, stalkers.
  • SudoApp allows you to call, text and email with as much anonymity as you desire.

Our Promise

  • We design simple solutions anyone can use.
  • We don't know who you are, and don't want to.
  • We allow you to be anonymous in the crowd — always.
  • We will never work with advertisers.
  • We give you complete control.

Avatars for Anything

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Selling Sudo

Create a Sudo identity to sell your handmade crafts on sites like Etsy.

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Social Sudo

Create a Sudo for meetups on your favorite social and networking sites.

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Shopping Sudo

Use SudoApp and SudoPay to shop and pay online, safely and clutter-free.

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Dating Sudo

Create a Sudo to safely date online or off – without giving out your real number.

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Calling Sudo

Use SudoApp to create up to 9 numbers to call and text anyone, anywhere.

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Business Sudo

Use Sudo to organize your business and safely meet new customers & partners.