What is Anonyome Labs and what records do we have?

Anonyome Labs was created to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information. We believe that people should be able to determine how, what, and with whom they share their personal details. We build the tools necessary to empower our brand partners’ users and end consumers with the necessary capabilities to protect and control their digital information. Anonyome Labs puts control back into users’ hands through mobile and desktop applications.

We do not collect and store personally identifiable information for users of the MySudo app and do not have the ability to decrypt the contents of users’ communications.

How Do I Submit a Request?

Law enforcement requests for user information should be sent by email to compliance@anonyome.com. Our acceptance of legal process does not waive any legal objections Anonyome Labs may have and may raise in response to the request.

If your agency must submit requests via mail or in person, our address is as follows:
Anonyome Labs, 10 West 100 South, Suite 750, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

Please email compliance@anonyome.com to advise you have submitted a request via mail or intend to serve in person.

Please note: Requests received by mail are subject to additional processing time. Acceptance of legal process by any of these means is for convenience and does not waive any objections, including lack of jurisdiction or proper service.

Requirements for submitting a legal request

In order for Anonyome Labs to accept your request it must meet the following requirements:

Does Anonyome Labs notify individuals of a law enforcement request for information relating to them?

We reserve the right to provide notice to Users before producing information related to their account unless (i) we are prohibited by law from doing so, (ii) we have reason to believe the subject’s Sudo account has been compromised such that the notice would go to the wrong person, or notice would otherwise be counterproductive or would create a risk to safety, or (iii) it is an emergency request and prior notice would be impractical (in which case we reserve the right to provide notice after the fact). Law enforcement officials who do not want their request disclosed should provide an appropriate court order or process establishing that such notice is prohibited, or provide sufficient detail for Anonyome Labs to determine whether a request falls into one of the exceptions above. Regulatory or other non-criminal requests for information are not within the scope of this policy.

US Legal Process Requirements

Anonyome Labs will disclose user information in accordance with our terms of service, privacy policy, and U.S. law.

International Legal Request Requirements

Anonyome Labs will disclose user information in accordance with our terms of service, privacy policy, and U.S. law.


Additional Information

Anonyome Labs does not guarantee the existence or retention of particular user information. Anonyome Labs will not produce records to the law enforcement agency without service of proper and valid legal process (e.g., subpoena, court order or warrant).

Response Time

Anonyome Labs typically responds to valid requests for information within two business weeks. However, response times may take longer than two business weeks depending on the complexity and scope of the request. If you require an expedited response, the required response deadline should be stated clearly in both the submission documentation and the formal request itself.

Additional questions?

Law enforcement officials with questions about these guidelines should email compliance@anonyome.com. Please note that we will not respond to non-law enforcement inquiries received at this email address.

These guidelines are regularly reviewed by Anonyome Labs and are subject to change at our discretion.