Simple apps to help put safety and privacy back in your hands.


A zero-knowledge, E2E encrypted communications and utility app for managing secure calls, texts and emails. Reveal as much or as little personal and private information as you want – while having the flexibility to call, text and email anyone, anywhere, even if they don’t have SudoApp. Use your digital identity to protect yourself against hackers, trackers, online threats and identity theft. No more walled gardens, in-network limits or use-in-exchange-for-spam. One secure utility: 100% private and under your control.
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Digital cash for the Internet. Buy goods and services from online vendors without having to disclose your personal, private information – including your physical credit card details. Stop leaving your cards with sites whose security is questionable and will be hacked. Instead, use ‘digital cash’ to protect yourself against identity theft and unwanted spam.
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The next evolution of Sudo


A full-featured lifestyle app for living your life online, without leaving your life online. MySudo is your digital identity for the online world – bringing together secure communications, private browsing and anonymous payments in one simple app. Securely access all the online sites and services you use every day. MySudo lets you search, shop, sell and socialize while taking control of your identity, privacy and digital safety.