What the Anonyome Labs Team Told 5000+ Banking Reps at the Fintech Meetup in Vegas

Mar 20, 2024 | News

The Anonyome Labs team headed to “the best fintech show of the year”—the Fintech Meetup in Vegas, March 3–6—to showcase the latest in digital identity protection and privacy solutions for banks and credit unions to the 5000+ crowd.

While there, our team joined in the famous “speed meeting” format of the popular industry event to personally explain to attendees that their financial institution could quickly and easily leverage Anonyome Labs’ cryptography and blockchain expertise to:

  1. Reduce friction and fraud
  2. Boost customer and member loyalty
  3. Quickly generate new revenue sources.

Our team explained that financial institutions could hit all three home runs with Anonyome Labs’ next-generation digital identity protection and privacy solutions, including the greatest revolution in Know Your Customer (KYC) and identity verification solutions, reusable credentials, as well as the full suite of other privacy and cyber safety tools that they can fast-track to customers in partnership with Anonyome Labs.

Reusable credentials leverage ground-breaking decentralized identity and blockchain technology to create a cryptographically protected digital ID that is persistent, irrefutable, and customer-controlled. The same credential ecosystem creates proof of identity for any customer interaction with the financial institution.

Download our eBook, “Identity Revolution in Banking: Combating Fraud, Enhancing Security.”

The Anonyome Labs’ speed meetings were just some of the total 45,000+ tech-enabled short meetings that occurred during the three-day event—and it was great to be a part of the high-energy vibe in a room full of industry reps committed to revolutionizing banking and finance with cutting-edge fintech.

Anonyome Labs’ sale team member, Tom Nicholas, walking the floor at the Fintech Meetup in Vegas in March

As financial institutions face a shifting financial landscape, embracing innovation is necessary for success. Integrating digital identity protection and privacy products not only addresses revenue concerns but positions banks and credit unions as committed to customer security and satisfaction.

If you missed this year’s Fintech Meetup but you’d like to work with Anonyome Labs to revolutionize KYC and provide an exceptional member experience and reduce fraud, contact us or book a demo today.

Anonyome Labs is the leader in proactive identity protection technologies. From verifiable credentials to VPNs and encrypted communications, we leverage our cryptography and blockchain technology expertise to take data privacy and security to the next level. Check out our podcast, Privacy Files, to hear what your peers and experts are saying about the state of member and consumer privacy in real time.

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