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Lessons Learned During my Internship at Anonyome Labs

This summer I had the opportunity to do a four-month internship at Anonyome Labs and worked as a Development Intern on the Android team. Throughout my time at Anonyome Labs, I experienced many different aspects of a tech company. As I reflect on my internship, I wanted to share some of the key things I […]


Self-Sovereign Identities

by Paul Ashley and Steve McCown Anonyome Labs is a privacy focused company. We build mobile applications and a partner platform that enable users to share the identity details they choose while keeping the rest private. This allows users to interact offline and online in a way that is more safe, secure, and private.  Most users […]


Returnship: Path to Employment that Worked Perfectly for me

I started my career full of ambition and drive. I worked for an amazing up-and-coming company. I had a ton of opportunities to branch out and try new things. I diverged from my original career path and started testing software. The company was growing, as was my career. My first child fit right into my […]


Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life and Anonyome Labs has it in spades! My role at Anonyome Labs is QA Automation Engineer. I am responsible for the architecture, design, and implementation of the UI automated test framework and testing tools. If that sounds dull and boring, the Python , ReactiveX Swift on iOS, ReactiveX Kotlin […]


Quality through Experiences: Android vs iOS

Experience drives us to be better versions of ourselves. We don’t know what we like or don’t like without having the experience of trying new things, re-experiencing old things, and loving/hating the experience of current things. This can be as simple as traveling to a new country and experiencing the culture, the history, the food. […]


Privacy on Android Q: Comparison to iOS 12

Google recently announced the latest version of the Android operation system, Android Q, with a number of privacy-focused features. Like Apple, it seems that Google understands that users are increasingly concerned about privacy, and bolstering privacy on the platform is critical to its long-term success. But how does the latest set of privacy enhancements compare […]