What is a Sudo?

A core capability of Anonyome Labs’ products is the Sudo—a secure, customizable digital identity or ‘profile’ that intentionally differentiates from a consumer’s personal identity and protects their personal data.  A Sudo isn’t a ‘burner’ or fake ID—it’s a real, alternative identity that a consumer can use anywhere their personal identity is required. The consumer’s Sudo profile is a secure stand-in […]


Anonyome’s Minimalist Approach to MySudo Usage Analysis

“Data is the pollution problem of the information age, and protecting privacy is the environmental challenge.” – Bruce Schneier Today it is difficult to do just about anything online without a company, or two or more knowing who you are, where you are, and where you have been. We live in a time where digital […]


Assessing Anonyome’s handling of MySudo user data using the Transparent Data Use Dial

One of the great things about the privacy and cyber security space is how it brings together a diverse group of people who share similar goals. Recently, I participated in a workshop led by the University of Queensland on information resilience, where I had the opportunity to meet interesting academics from UQ’s Institute of Social Science […]


Company-Wide Ownership Leads to Better Products

In software development, the reality is that there so many things that can go wrong. One example is a high-priority defect being discovered right before a build needs to be shipped. This puts developers and testers in a stressful situation where working extra hours might be the only option. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing, […]


Privacy from a Product Manager perspective

How to deliver great mobile products and safeguard your customers data The Problem Have you ever had an ad show up in an app you’re using just seconds after searching for that item online? This experience creates uneasiness for users, but by using that app, the user is also agreeing to their terms of service […]


Quality through Experiences: Android vs iOS

Experience drives us to be better versions of ourselves. We don’t know what we like or don’t like without having the experience of trying new things, re-experiencing old things, and loving/hating the experience of current things. This can be as simple as traveling to a new country and experiencing the culture, the history, the food. […]


Transforming Psychological Safety on an Agile Team

Retrospectives in agile can make me grumpy. Sometimes, we just complain about things. Sometimes, we end up arguing about how something isn’t actually a problem, thus avoiding the “how do we improve this” conversation. Sometimes, we jump in with solutions before we understand the full extent of the problem. Thus, retros can very easily leave […]


All Eyes on Quality

If you build apps, you probably spend time thinking about your App Store rating. It may even keep you up at night. So, what does it take to get your app to a rating you’re happy with so you can sleep? At Anonyome Labs, our entire organization put forth effort to get our App Store […]


Building customer-centric products with privacy at the core

The best way to build customer-centric products is to collect information directly from customers on what problems they experience, ensuring that you have a customer feedback pipeline. However, when collecting information from customers, privacy can so easily be breached. Here are a few principles we firmly believe here at Anonyome Labs that help us become […]


The platform revolution has completely changed the way companies scale

Early in my career, I was tasked with building and launching a company website. I knew very little about web design, cascading style sheets, FTP clients, and the daunting task of working in HTML. Luckily for me, WordPress was in its infancy – pivoting from a standalone blogging service to a feature-rich platform that empowered […]