One Fast and Simple Way to Give Your Customers Safe and Private Internet Browsing

Sep 19, 2023 | Product

A sad outcome of living in a highly connected digital world is that data breaches are at an all-time high—and the rash of high profile, significant, and regular data breaches have spooked consumers.

The 15 largest data breaches of the century exposed the records of 3.5 billion people and, while data breaches can come from human error, Verizon reveals 87 per cent of data breaches in 2022 were perpetrated by external actors, mostly for financial gain (e.g. credential theft).

The result is that while consumers generally get that they have to trade certain personal information for services, they are now warier of sharing their personal information online. 

But criminal data breaches are just one risk to consumers’ online privacy and safety. Ad tech, data brokers and the relentless data economy are another major one. Pew Research says 72 per cent of Americans feel that all, almost all, or most of what they do online or while using their cellphone is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms or other companies. Eighty-one per cent say they have little or no control over the data companies collect, and 79 per cent are concerned with how that data is used. And they’re right to be concerned.

While we could say these risks are just the price of living in the modern age, 9 out of 10 Americans consider their online privacy to be an important issue and 85 per cent of adults globally want to do more to protect their online privacy.

But while there are technologies and services available that grant consumers precisely the level of control they wish for online, wanting such a tool and actually acquiring and using it are two entirely different things. The more disparate services a consumer must engage with, the lower the chance they will actually use them. What consumers need is a one-stop-shop for online privacy and safety, preferably from someone they already trust for other aspects of their digital protection – that means they want it all, from you!

Pieces of the puzzle

Many reputable organizations make recommendations to improve online privacy and safety. For example:

  • The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report recommends using web browser protection.
  • NPR recommends turning off ad personalization.
  • CISA advises consumers to limit what information they post on social media, disclose only the bare minimum of information about themselves (and think seriously about not engaging if too much is being asked), and disable location services.
  • PC Magazine lists using a VPN, clearing your cache, and protecting your social media privacy as part of its “12 Simple Things You Can Do to be Secure Online”.

To implement just these recommendations (and there are many more), a consumer could acquire several technologies and services, from different sources, with different interfaces and experiences, and under a variety of financial obligations. Consequently, most people simply choose partial coverage or ignore the problem because it’s too difficult and inconvenient to fully solve.

But what if they could get an affordable, all-in-one solution from someone they already trust: You?

Here’s what you could offer:

  • Private internet browsing for mobile users – including private search engines, controlled browser history, and encrypted bookmarks
  • Safe internet browsing extension for desktops – including blocking and alerting before visiting an unsafe website and on-device encryption of browsing data, bookmarks, and more
  • Ad and tracker blocker – protecting end users from, and removing, unwanted ads and tracking to ensure complete privacy
  • Site reputation service – empowering users to make informed decisions about what they do online (including preventing access to sites that are determined to be too risky) based on the latest AI-driven risk and site reputation data
  • Virtual private network – alleviating tracking, data and PII exposure, and other risks through a secure VPN connection with the flexibility for end users to choose their preferred IP address location (globally) …

… and all branded as your product and included with what you already offer.

Fortunately, Anonyome Labs is leading the charge for making online privacy and security a no-brainer for regular folks. Anonyome’s Sudo Platform offers you the ability to easily add important safe and private internet browsing capabilities to your products – branded and packaged the way you want. We built it so you don’t have to, and we make it easy for you to make it your own.

Sudo Platform is a modular, turnkey collection of services including a mobile private internet browser, safe browsing browser extension, ad and tracker blocker, site reputation service, and VPN.

Sudo Platform is an API-first developer platform that includes everything necessary to quickly bring new online privacy and safety products to market or augment existing products with value-add capabilities. It includes:

  • Developer-focused documentation
  • APIs
  • SDK source code via GitHub
  • Sample applications for test-to-deploy of various capabilities
  • Brandable white-label apps and UI kits for quick go-to-market deployments.

Let’s get started!

If you’d like to help your customers have a safe and private internet browsing experience (just for starters!), increase customer loyalty, gain new customers, and differentiate your products from the competition with value-add safe and private browsing capabilities, just let us know. We’d love to see what we can build together.

Contact us today.

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