Want to Monetize Privacy? Here’s How to Do it, Fast

Dec 13, 2023 | Product, Technology & Innovation

Let’s face it, organizations face many barriers to offering privacy products.

For companies that offer consumers pieces of the privacy and security puzzle, innovating and expanding offerings to adjacent – and in-demand – capabilities is often too expensive, takes too long, and falls outside of the core strength of the company offering the solution.

There’s a wide range of solutions that consumers “should” be using, but rarely are they motivated enough to do the hard work necessary to research, select, purchase, implement, and use all those solutions. Consequently, they use what they have been forced to use because of a security incident or they use the tools that come with their mainstream technology purchases or broader offerings.

Organizations playing in the privacy and online safety arena could benefit enormously from expanding their product offerings to cover adjacent areas – creating an easily acquired and easily implemented “one-stop-shop” where consumers get all they need from a brand they already trust.

Take these examples:

  • Insurance companies that offer identity theft insurance could package it with the technological solutions customers need to avoid falling victim in the first place.
  • Technology companies that offer cybersecurity capabilities, such as antivirus and malware protection, could add adjacent privacy and security offerings to complete the picture for consumers.
  • Vendors of specific privacy and online security services, such as credit monitoring, could boost customer loyalty and accelerate customer acquisition by also offering services their customers know they need but haven’t yet found an easy way to adopt.
  • Trusted general providers of goods and services, such as big box retailers and popular associations, could conveniently also offer online security products and services under the one roof, significantly increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The challenge is real

Most organizations are not equipped to re-direct development resources to new products that fall outside of their established sweet spot. While they certainly could hire, ramp-up, and build these types of solutions from scratch, the time to a viable and profitable product offering may be too much.

But what if there was a way to add attractive and necessary privacy and online safety capabilities to existing products – or even as new products – quickly, easily, and completely and without the burden of developing them in house?

The solution is Sudo Platform

Anonyome Labs’ Sudo Platform is an API-first, developer-focused ecosystem that delivers the tools companies need to quickly and completely deliver to their customers the capabilities they need to protect and control their personal information while navigating the digital world. It is a powerful, modular, and quick-to-implement collection of the most important digital privacy and cyber safety tools for either mobile or desktop, and covering:

  • safe and private browsing including ad and tracker blocking and site reputation services
  • password management, automation, and security
  • virtual private network services
  • safe online commerce through virtual cards
  • a platform for decentralized identity including identity wallets, verifiable credentials services, and all the infrastructure necessary to make it real today
  • compartmentalization across all services so customers can easily partition their online interactions into purpose-specific identities (for example, one each for shopping, socializing, medical, travel, and so on).

Organizations use the set of scalable hosted services at the heart of Sudo Platform to quickly integrate these tools into any of their products or offerings and give their customers seamless access to them.

Sudo Platform is feature-packed

Developer-focused documentation

Thorough direction for how to build each of the Sudo Platform capabilities into applications are included in the documentation site.

API-first ecosystem

Sudo Platform APIs power next-generation customer apps with privacy, cyber safety, and decentralized identity capabilities, to empower organizations to quickly put privacy in their customers’ hands.

SDK source code

Mobile, web and desktop SDKs can be easily incorporated into an existing application or used as building blocks for new applications. Each SDK is built to run natively on all supported platforms, so they have the highest chance of compatibility with a vendor’s applications, independent of the frameworks and architecture they employ.

Available SDKs via GitHub include:  

  • Sudos SDK 
  • Telephony SDK  
  • Virtual Cards SDK  
  • Secure ID Verification SDK 
  • Email SDK 
  • Site Reputation SDK 
  • VPN SDK 
  • Password Manager SDK. 

Sample apps

Using a sample app is the fastest way to see how the Sudo Platform services work and the value they deliver. Vendors can easily explore the technology and imagine the potential for their products, either as an enhancement or brand new offering.

Sample apps are intended to be lightweight reference apps that demonstrate to application developers basic SDK capabilities. Sample iOS, Android, and web apps available include:  

  • Telephony Sample App 
  • Email Sample App  
  • Secure ID Verification Sample App 
  • Password Manager Sample App 
  • Ad and Tracker Blocker Sample App 
  • Site Reputation Sample App.

Brandable apps and UI kits

For the fastest route to market, Sudo Platform offers brandable (white label) apps and UI kits. These enable easy setup, configuration, and consumption of platform SDKs into unbranded applications which can an organization can quickly brand and deliver to market on mobile, web, and desktop platforms.

A UI kit gives access to libraries of advanced software modules with complex data and graphical flows that go beyond basic Sudo Platform service access, including:

  • complex business logic for data management and functional utilities that span one or more of the Sudo Platform services
  • UI kit, which includes widgets, screens and minor user flows that give recommended user experiences for a feature and can be integrated into your application.

Sudo Platform management console

The management console is where the organization manages administrative users and end users and gains critical insight into the analytics underlying a deployment and into ways to enhance the Sudo Platform experience. It gives insight into:

  • deployed Sudo Platform services
  • authentication
  • billing
  • entitlements.

Sudo Platform meets customers’ current and future needs

Once you’ve started with Sudo Platform:

  1. You access a unique, comprehensive, performant, scalable, and secure way of introducing privacy-first services and paradigms into your products.

  2. You get the services and development building blocks you need to build solutions that meet your users’ demands quickly, seamlessly and with future vision.

  3. You deploy cutting-edge capabilities across communication, collaboration and commerce, and integrate them into your products and processes so you can:
    • enhance your users’ privacy
    • fill gaps in your product portfolio
    • help mitigate the ever-increasing threat of data surveillance.

Talk to us about Sudo Platform possibilities today.

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