Privacy & Security

Cyberattacks: What They Are and Common Types

A cyberattack is an attack on a website from an outside source who wishes to do harm. There are many forms of cyberattacks that can lead to the breach of a business’s website and cause problems for their customers.


What Is Encryption and Why is it Important?

Encryption is the act of encoding data to render it unintelligible to someone who doesn’t have the authorization to access the data. Once data is encrypted, only authorized parties who have a “key” can read it or use it. That is, if the encryption method is effective, it should completely protect data from unauthorized access.  […]


Assessing Anonyome’s handling of MySudo user data using the Transparent Data Use Dial

One of the great things about the privacy and cyber security space is how it brings together a diverse group of people who share similar goals. Recently, I participated in a workshop led by the University of Queensland on information resilience, where I had the opportunity to meet interesting academics from UQ’s Institute of Social Science […]


Why Is Cybersecurity Important for Small Businesses?

Technology is a key element of modern business performance and productivity. However, the necessity for strategic cybersecurity is growing in order to combat the alarming trend of breaches.


How to Create a Strong and Secure Password

Using a single password across your digital life is not only not advised, it’s unsafe. Imagine using “Password1” as your password to login to Netflix and your mobile banking account. You share your Netflix password with a friend or your kids, who writes it on a piece of paper that gets intercepted by a stranger […]


The Top Consumer Security Concerns This Year

The one constant in the world of information technology is change. This is also true when applied to the threats to the security of consumer’s devices and data. Despite changes into the bad actors’ techniques, what has not changed are the bad actors’ high-level goals: Steal and misuse victims’ personal information; Intimidate and extort resources […]


DEF CON 27 – Recap

August 8-11 saw the 27th installment of the DEF CON , the largest and arguably the world’s best hacker conference. DEF CON brings together an eclectic community of professionals and enthusiasts across hacking, security, privacy and anything in that neighborhood. DEF CON is temporally and geographically located right near BlackHat and BSides Las Vegas for […]


Is This Website Safe? How to Check a Website’s Security: Part 2

Many website owners want to provide their users with a secure browsing experience but aren’t sure where to start. For those who are concerned that website security could be a lot of work, we’ve listed out some simple steps that can help you easily secure a website. 1. Use a Password Manager Use a password […]


Is This Website Safe? How to Check a Website’s Security: Part 1

Although website owners should be responsible for the security of their website, there are still a lot of websites that aren’t secure.  An unsafe website can lead to malware, stolen information, spam and more. It is important to be cautious of potential threats that could put your personal information at risk online.  How to Check […]


Self-Sovereign Identities

by Paul Ashley and Steve McCown Anonyome Labs is a privacy focused company. We build mobile applications and a partner platform that enable users to share the identity details they choose while keeping the rest private. This allows users to interact offline and online in a way that is more safe, secure, and private.  Most users […]


Why the Anxiety around Australian Assistance and Access Act?

There has been a growing anxiety around a new piece of legislation working its way through the Australian parliament. The official name is the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018 (TOLA Act). At a high level the act is about giving security agencies in Australia selected access to encrypted communications. It is creating a […]


Key Takeaways from Identiverse 2019

This year’s Identiverse 2019 conference provided an amazing nexus of identity industry leaders, key technologies, and valuable insights for implementing current and emerging identity systems.  It provided a valuable cross-section of current how-to’s plus emerging research that enables companies to deploy securely today, and learn what to plan for in their future identity roadmaps.  With […]


Digital Privacy Does Matter to You

At this moment, there is a copy of every unencrypted email, text, photo, gif or emoji you have ever sent in your digital life. These copies are stored under your name/identity in the national data storage facility operated by the U.S. National Surveillance Agency. (One of the newest and largest of these is local to […]


GDPR at Anonyome – Happy Anniversary!

As the global privacy community celebrates the first anniversary of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, a number of people are reviewing and writing about its industry impact in articles such as this one by Daniel Barber and this less optimistic one by James Sanders. The milestone also caused my compliance […]