Privacy & Security

Key Takeaways from Identiverse 2019

This year’s Identiverse 2019 conference provided an amazing nexus of identity industry leaders, key technologies, and valuable insights for implementing current and emerging identity systems.  It provided a valuable cross-section of current how-to’s plus emerging research that enables companies to deploy securely today, and learn what to plan for in their future identity roadmaps.  With […]


Digital Privacy Does Matter to You

At this moment, there is a copy of every unencrypted email, text, photo, gif or emoji you have ever sent in your digital life. These copies are stored under your name/identity in the national data storage facility operated by the U.S. National Surveillance Agency. (One of the newest and largest of these is local to […]


GDPR at Anonyome – Happy Anniversary!

As the global privacy community celebrates the first anniversary of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, a number of people are reviewing and writing about its industry impact in articles such as this one by Daniel Barber and this less optimistic one by James Sanders. The milestone also caused my compliance […]


The High Price of Free

Free has been a maxim of the web ever since the very first website was launched in 1991 “to give universal access to a large universe of documents”.  The developers freely distributed their source code and web pages to avoid unilateral control and to encourage the adoption of the new World Wide Web.  Eliminating the cost barrier was […]