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The California Consumer Privacy Act and Why You Must Still Keep Control of Your Personal Information

If you live in California or elsewhere in the United States, you may have heard of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). You might not have read the legislation or our take on it for businesses, but you may have seen CCPA mentioned on web sites you access. So, what exactly does CCPA mean for you? CCPA Benefits You  If you […]


How Sudos are Making Decentralized Identity Usable for Most People

Decentralized identity (also known as self-sovereign identity) is the future—and our secure digital identity, the Sudo, is opening up the possibility of decentralized identity for most people. Decentralized identity  is maturing. Many companies, organizations and individuals have been working to establish open standards for decentralized identity. Widespread adoption of decentralized identity seems to be inevitable, and companies […]


Businesses Must Become Smaller Cybersecurity Targets, For Their Sake and Their Users’

Every enterprise in the world, whether major brand or small business, faces cybercrime as a major threat. This growing challenge, and the cybersecurity innovations designed to thwart it, will be hallmarks of the coming decades.   Solutions will lie in greater investment in cybersecurity systems, and increasingly sophisticated innovations like secure digital identities and decentralized identity management.  The goal is […]


Decentralized Identity: Key Concepts Explained

Upcoming advancements in digital identity technologies build on the Sudo concept and include identity decentralization. Decentralized identities give users back control over their personal data, give these identities the verifiable assurance of blockchain technologies, and enable users to make assertions about their data (e.g., I’m over 21) without revealing the actual data itself (e.g., birthdate:  1 Jan 1970).  Decentralized […]


What’s the Big Problem with Using Your Personal Identity Online?

Identity is an important part of what it means to be human. People commonly believe they have a single, consistent, and unique identity that makes them who they are. They each have different values and experiences that they believe defines them.  In reality, identity is much more dynamic. People tailor their identity to different contexts, […]


Why We Need Decentralized Identity?

Decentralized identity is a new approach to user identity on the Internet. It is a set of emerging technologies, standards, and protocols for giving users back their privacy. It is alternatively known as ‘self-sovereign identity’ or ‘self-owned identity’—and is the future for privacy and security online. Given the alarming statistics, current methods for managing identity […]


What Constitutes Personally Identifiable Information or PII?

If you’re trying to protect something, it’s important to understand exactly what it is you’re trying to protect.  This is true of personally identifiable information or PII. PII is any data that can be used to identify a person. It’s the personal information we’re trying to protect with data privacy and cybersafety technologies, because it’s […]


How We Apply the 7 Principles of Privacy by Design

Achieving great privacy outcomes does not happen by chance. It requires thoughtful, informed design. Most importantly, privacy management demands an interdisciplinary, systems engineering approach because it spans: the entire data lifecycle—acquisition, use, storage, retention and disposal multiple teams with differing objectives (e.g. product management and engineering, user support, sales and marketing finance, risk and compliance) multiple control […]


Fight the Fatigue: Data Privacy Really Does Matter

Do you have privacy fatigue? It’s the stress that comes from feeling you can’t protect your privacy online.  Latest statistics say one in three Americans are experiencing privacy fatigue. More than half of respondents (56%) in a recent global privacy report said they feel it’s impossible to keep their information completely private online. Other research says most Americans feel a lack […]


What’s Your Privacy and Cyber Safety Budget?

CPAs – apologies in advance, look away now… We’re all familiar with the concept of budgeting – operating within our means within a myriad of possibilities. A financial budget is the quintessential budget, but we have other budgets in our personal lives – emotional budgets that influence where we sit at family or social gatherings; […]


Why Compartmentalization is the Most Powerful Data Privacy Strategy

Compartmentalization is widely regarded as the most powerful way to protect personal information


What’s Your Privacy Blind Spot?

Each of us has biases based on the unique circumstances of our lives. Carrying bias is part of being human. Our individual biases are influenced by our life experiences and the context in which we live. That, in turn, gives each of us a unique perspective to evaluate any situation. We may have great insight […]


Cyberattacks: What They Are and Common Types

A cyberattack is an attack on a website from an outside source who wishes to do harm. There are many forms of cyberattacks that can lead to the breach of a business’s website and cause problems for their customers.


What Is Encryption and Why is it Important?

Encryption is the act of encoding data to render it unintelligible to someone who doesn’t have the authorization to access the data. Once data is encrypted, only authorized parties who have a “key” can read it or use it. That is, if the encryption method is effective, it should completely protect data from unauthorized access.  […]