4 Reasons Why Offering Safe Browsing and VPN Combined Can Boost Revenue

Sep 25, 2023 | Product

Amid the global data privacy crisis, where concerns about online privacy and safety continue to grow, individuals and businesses are increasingly turning to safe browsing and virtual private networks (VPNs) for protection. In fact, over the past few years, global advisory companies like McKinseyCisco and PwC have identified that:

  • High profile, significant, and regular data breaches have spooked consumers. 
  • Consumers generally get that they have to trade certain personal information for services, but are now warier of sharing their personal data. 
  • Consumers want to control their own data and will act to do so if they can.
  • Consumers will abandon brands or delay purchases where they perceive a risk to their personal data.
  • The regulatory screws are tightening to protect consumers.

None of this is a surprise: we’ve said for a while now that privacy is a defining issue of this decade, which means it makes good business sense to offer powerful privacy and security tools wherever you can. We believe one of the most lucrative product combinations is safe browsing and VPNs and here are 4 reasons why:

safe browsing and vpn working together

1. Safe browsing and VPNs safeguard user data and build a foundation of trust for your brand

Safe browsing and VPNs go hand in hand for protecting user data from malicious threats and unauthorized access. A safe browsing product gives access to private browsers, ad and tracker blockers, and site reputation services, while a VPN encrypts the user’s internet traffic and activity and keeps it safe from prying eyes. Offering both products sends a clear privacy-first message to your customers and employees, can attract new customers from the growing cohort demanding strong privacy protection, and sets a foundation of trust and security that promotes brand loyalty and more revenue.

2. Offering safe browser and VPN expands your target markets

With incidents of data breaches and other privacy infringements growing annually, more consumers are actively seeking secure online experiences. By integrating safe browsing and VPNs into your online business model, you could reach those target markets whose concerns for privacy and security are high and growing. And, typically, the more customers the more revenue, right?

3. Your brand can monetize its VPN service, which is especially attractive in some key industries

Many VPN providers offer subscription-based models, giving users access to enhanced privacy features, region-restricted content, and faster internet connections. By partnering with a reputable VPN provider and offering their services as part of your business package or as an upsell, you could create an additional revenue stream. This is particularly relevant for businesses operating in industries where data privacy and secure online communication are paramount, such as finance, legal services, and healthcare.

4. Brands that get privacy and safety right will disrupt the market

It’s a clever move to decide that data privacy will be your brand’s competitive advantage. The 2020 PwC Trusted Tech report put it like this: Brands that get consumer trust and safety right will disrupt the market. In fact, nine out of 10 business leaders said that building and maintaining customer trust will be the competitive advantage of this decade. The privacy actives first reported by Cisco see respect for privacy as central to the brands with whom they want to do business. Brands that take conscious, positive steps to protect their customers’ privacy and safety and put privacy tools in their hands will come out the winners

So, it makes good business sense to build the products that consumers want. Leading brands are already building privacy by design into consumer applications, and delivering products and services that offer security and privacy by default. You can too. 

Sudo Platform makes it easy to offer these products

Anonyome Labs’ Sudo Platform is a modular, turnkey collection of services, which allows you to easily add safe browsing and VPN (among a host of other capabilities) to your products – branded and packaged the way you want.

Built as an API-first developer platform, Sudo Platform includes everything necessary to quickly bring a new privacy, cyber safety or decentralized identity product to market or augment existing products with value-add capabilities. It includes:

  • Developer-focused documentation
  • APIs
  • SDK source code via GitHub
  • Sample applications for test-to-deploy
  • Brandable white-label apps and UI kits for quick go-to-market deployments.

See what we offer for safe browsing. See what we offer for VPN.

Let’s get started!

If you’d like to help your customers securely manage their internet activity (just for starters!), increase your customer loyalty, gain new customers, and differentiate your products from the competition with value-add safe and private browsing capabilities, just let us know. We’d love to see what we can build together.

Anonyome Labs is leading the charge for making online privacy and security a no-brainer for regular folks. Contact us today.

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