4 Key Lessons I Learned as an Intern Software Engineer at Anonyome Labs

Feb 19, 2020 | Technology & Innovation

It has been a very impactful last few months at Anonyome Labs – I’ve learned a lot. I want to share some of  key observations from my experience that I think can help people starting a new career.

1. No one is expecting you to be perfect right away

This is an extremely important point. The first few weeks is where you typically face the most errors. Don’t be too critical on yourself. You’re just getting familiar with the environment and the people around you – no one is expecting you to be perfect in your first week. The people around you are here to help and want to help you learn, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Progress also isn’t linear, so don’t be discouraged that your results aren’t improving day-by-day. Just keep working hard and the results will come.

2. Understand the problem, then ask for help

You’re going to need to ask for help at some point. Before you do, take the time to figure out what you need help with. Become an expert of your problem before asking for help. It not only enhances your learning, but also teaches you the process of solving problems. Additionally, understanding the problem will help your team get to a solution quicker.

3. Learning how to learn is more important than hard skills

Knowing a system or language is only helpful for that system or language. When you optimize and practice how to learn you develop a life long skill. I found that this can also be applied outside of your career, as you can literally teach yourself anything with the same underlying learning techniques. You don’t want to corner your skills into one area; wear multiple hats.

4. Stepping away from the computer from time-to-time can help solve your problems

I found this extremely effective when I was spending too much time on a hard task. Stepping away from the desk and starting a conversation with a colleague cleared my mind and influenced my perspective on my problem. It also gave me an opportunity to get to know my colleagues around me and form stronger relationships with them. I noticed this one day when I was stuck on a particular task that consumed my whole morning and part of my afternoon. As I was explaining to my colleague what my project was it all clicked mid-sentence and I ran back to my desk and solved it.

I want to thank Anonyome Labs for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in such an amazing work environment. They have truly made me excited to come into work every day!

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