What is a Sudo?

Oct 9, 2020 | Product

A core capability of Anonyome Labs’ products is the Sudo—a secure, customizable digital identity or ‘profile’ that intentionally differentiates from a consumer’s personal identity and protects their personal data

A Sudo isn’t a ‘burner’ or fake ID—it’s a realalternative identity that a consumer can use anywhere their personal identity is required. The consumer’s Sudo profile is a secure stand-in for their personal identity, and it’s entirely under their control. They create the Sudo profile and manage it. 

How a consumer accesses and uses Sudo profiles entirely depends on how a business leverages Sudo Platform to meet its product offering objectives. Sudo Platform is the complete privacy toolkit for integrating next generation identity protection and privacy into a brand’s products and services. Sudo Platform is so flexible, it offers endless product applications. Sudo profile functionality is possible in any Sudo Platform-powered product. 

A user can have one Sudo or many

Products built using Sudo Platform can enable single or multiple Sudo personas. A single Sudo application might be easy to imagine, but a multiple Sudo application is a sophisticated approach that opens greater possibilities for customer identity protection. The enormous benefit of multiple Sudo applications is they enable compartmentalization which adds an extra dimension to how consumers can protect their personal data. 

Our popular consumer app, MySudo, is an example of an application that allows multiple Sudos, each with private phone, messaging, email, browser and virtual credit cards enabled. A user can create up to nine different Sudo profiles and use them for different purposes and activities online and in-person (e.g. online shopping, and booking local services like hairdressers and plumbers). MySudo is the world’s only all-in-one privacy app and one of its greatest selling points is that it makes compartmentalization simple

But, MySudo is only one example application of Sudo Platform, and there are countless possibilities for Sudo based products.

Sudo personas have many benefits

Short-lived Sudos are usually for transactional activities, such as buying and selling in a marketplace. Once the user has bought the bike or sold the antique dresser, for example, they no longer want or need to interact with the stranger with whom they made the deal. The same applies in the dating world: until the user feels comfortable about their new friend, they might not want that new friend having their personal phone number or email address. A Sudo dating profile is a sensible personal safety measure. Another example is travel ticketing and insurance for a particular trip. Once the consumer returns home from their adventures, they no longer have a need for those details.

Long-lived Sudo applications on the other hand are for cases where both the service provider relationship and the need to maintain records relevant to that relationship endure. Examples are a networking Sudo for all work events and new client contacts, or a banking Sudo for securing and managing personal finance.

Bottom line? Sudos are flexible and a revolutionary data privacy tool.

Learn more about MySudo, the world’s only all-in-one privacy app.

Learn more about Sudo Platform, the complete privacy toolkit for integrating next generation identity protection and privacy into your brand’s products and services.

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