Violence Against Teachers is Growing. MySudo Can Help

Aug 11, 2021 | Privacy & Security

Violence against teachers is a serious and growing issue, reported daily. The issue is so prevalent, it’s now considered a significant public health issue in the United States. The American Psychology Association cites a 2017 survey of 3,403 K–12 teachers in which one in five respondents reported being the victims of physical attacks, threats of physical violence or verbal aggression/intimidation who did not report that violence to school administrators. 

At Anonyome Labs, our solutions help mitigate violence and abuse that is tech-facilitated (via a computer, device or app). We empower people to be able to determine what information they share, and how, when and with whom they share it. We provide survivors and those at risk of harassment, violence and abuse, real and effective tools for protecting their personal information.

In May 2020, we proudly became a partner of the Coalition Against Stalkerware, a global working group uniting advocacy groups, software developers, security firms, victims and survivors, in the fight to protect consumers against stalkerware and to eliminate abusive technology and software.

We are also growing our own safety initiative, known as Sudo Safe. Through Sudo Safe, we partner with organizations that promote safe use of the Internet as well as those organizations that support at-risk people who may have a specific need for privacy and security in their life. Our goal is to support at-risk users, and to be a privacy resource for organizations supporting their members.

Sudo Safe encourages the use of MySudo, to help people keep their personally identifiable information private. MySudo enables people to communicate and interact with other people and services without using their own information such as personal phone number, email address and credit card, which mitigates the risk of that information being used for tracking or stalking.

See how an educator uses MySudo to privately and safely communicate with students and their families.

Remember, MySudo helps disconnect a user’s online accounts and activity from their private information, such as personal phone number and email address, which mitigates the risk of that information being used for tracking or stalking. 

You can explore MySudo through our 90 second explainer videoHere and here we also explain all the privacy and safety features in the app.  

If you’d like to know more about stalkerware, watch the Coalition Against Stalkerware’s video.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Sudo Safe for your school community, please contact us at 

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