A Multi-Dimensional Privacy Definition from TROPT Ahead of Data Privacy Week 2022

Dec 2, 2021 | Privacy & Security

Anonyome Labs is proud to be presenting at The Rise of Privacy Tech (TROPT) interactive forum during Data Privacy Week 2022. Data Privacy Week is an international effort to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. Data Privacy Week will run January 24–28, 2022. The TROPT interactive forum will be held on January 26–27 2022. 

Ahead of its interactive forum, the TROPT organization has released a whitepaper titled, Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape 2021: The Rise of Privacy Tech – A Foundational Whitepaper to Help Fuel Privacy Innovation. 

Importantly, the whitepaper puts forth a comprehensive definition of privacy and, since there’s much debate about what data privacy really means, we thought we’d share the definition with you here.

The TROPT definition of privacy 

First, as we’ve also reported in the past, TROPT acknowledges that privacy definitions and conceptualizations vary widely. To overcome this, TROPT has united the common principles into a multi-dimensional definition of privacy, as you can see here: 

TROPT believes this is “a multi-faceted understanding of privacy” which covers individual control and power over personal information (our priority at Anonyome Labs) and facilitating trust in personal information relationships. 

The definition embraces a “comprehensive taxonomical approach to conceptualizing privacy based on the activities that impinge upon privacy: information collection, information processing, information dissemination, and invasions.”

Significantly, this definition rejects “the limited conceptualization of privacy as secrecy, obscurity, or anonymity only.”

Going further, TROPT identifies 7 principles of privacy tech from among the existing privacy principles in privacy regulations:

TROPT then maps its 7 principles to the stages of the data life cycle:

What does all this mean?

TROPT agrees with us that “privacy is one of the most critical issues of our time.” Better defining and understanding it, particularly at the practical level of the data lifecycle for an organization, will boost development and uptake of innovations that will help solve the privacy problems we now face at crisis level. Enterprises are demanding more privacy tools in response to growing customer demand for better stewardship of their personal data, and it helps to see what exactly is required. 

As the 2020 PwC Trusted Tech report put it, brands that get consumer trust and safety right will disrupt the market. At Anonyome Labs, through our Sudo Platform business privacy toolkit, we help enterprises rapidly produce branded cybersafety solutions to get out in front of their competition. Through MySudo, the world’s only all-in-one privacy app, we’re putting the power to protect personal information directly into consumers’ hands.

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