Dr Paul Ashley to Present on Decentralized Identity at Data Privacy Week 2022

Jan 26, 2022 | Privacy & Security

Anonyome Labs’ Co-CEO and CTO Dr Paul Ashley will discuss the progress and pitfalls on the path to decentralized identity at a special TROPT Data Privacy Week 2022 event on January 27.

Decentralized identity is a hot topic right now, and Dr Ashley will tackle it through the privacy lens, explaining how decentralized identity can help everyday Internet users improve their privacy

Decentralized identity has been described as the most important privacy innovation for the coming decade since it provides the foundation for a lot of improvement in the privacy area. So in this timely presentation, Dr Ashley will: 

  • define decentralized identity 
  • explore the significant movement in the decentralized identity space recently, such as major acquisitions and the development of the cheqd network, of which Anonyome Labs recently became a founding member
  • outline the benefits of decentralized identity from a user’s perspective and business and government perspectives
  • explain how decentralized identity works, particularly verifiable credentials, probably the most important feature of decentralized identity
  • some of the key standards groups bringing forward standards in decentralized identity
  • how legislation overlaps with decentralized identity
  • recent projects in the space
  • hurdles and future considerations for this rapidly growing area.

This comprehensive presentation is a must-see for anyone interested in the future of identity management and data privacy. 

Dr Ashley will present on Day 2 of the TROPT Data Privacy Week 2022 sessions: January 27, 2022, 8:30am PST.

Get tickets, the program schedule and more information here.

Photo By Yurchanka Siarhei

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