Part 5: How Anonyome Labs is Actively Contributing to Decentralized Identity Development

Jun 1, 2022 | Privacy & Security

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you’ll know that Anonyome Labs supports the ongoing development of decentralized identity through:

  • Products – building decentralized identity capabilities in the Sudo Platform, which enterprises can leverage 
  • Utilities – helping to run three decentralized identity-focused blockchains
  • Standards – being an active contributor to the decentralized identity standards area
  • Open Source – contributing source code back to the decentralized identity open source community. 
Anonyome Labs supports decentralized identity blockchains

Anonyome’s is helping to run decentralized identity blockchains – the foundation for any decentralized identity-based applications.

Anonyome Labs became part of the Sovrin blockchain in 2019. Sovrin is a public utility blockchain for decentralized identity based on Hyperledger Indy technology. As a Founding Steward, Anonyome has run a validator node for Sovrin since its inception.

In 2020, Anonyome Labs was asked to help run the Indicio network. This is another Hyperledger Indy-based decentralized identity blockchain. Anonyome labs runs a validator node on the MainNet for Indicio.

In 2021, Anonyome Labs was approached to help run the cheqd network. This is a new decentralized identity network based on COSMOS/Tendermint. Anonyome runs validator nodes on both the MainNet and TestNet for cheqd. The most interesting aspect of the cheqd network is its introduction of a financial model and cheqd token.

We participate in standards groups

Decentralized identity is an evolving area that has a strong focus on producing standards. These standards will ensure that Anonyome Labs’ decentralized identity software is interoperable with the standardized decentralized identity software created by other vendors. At Anonyome Labs we contribute to various decentralized identity standards efforts:

Sovrin is a public foundation for looking after the Sovrin network – the only public utility for decentralized identity based on Hyperledger Indy. Anonyome Labs is a contributor to the Technical Governance Board and the Stewards Council. 

HyperLedger is part of the Linux Foundation and focuses on standards around blockchains. The decentralized identity based Hyperledger Indy, Aries and Ursa projects are hosted at Hyperledger. Anonyome Labs contributes to the Aries Working Group.

Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) is home to many working groups that provide both standards documentation and code prototypes through GitHub:

  • identifiers and discovery
  • DID authentication
  • claims and credentials
  • DID communication
  • Sidetree
  • secure data storage
  • Keri
  • wallet security
  • applied crypto.

Anonyome Labs is co-chair of the DID Communication (i.e., DIDComm) working group and is a member of the DIF Technical Steering Committee.

Trust Over IP (ToIP) is also part of the Linux Foundation. It bring together the disparate standards into a comprehensive technical and governance model. Anonyome Labs is part of the Steering Committee and the Technology Stack Working Group.

W3C is the home of the decentralized identity identifier (DID) and verifiable credentials standards. This is probably the most-high profile of the standards groups. Anonyome Labs closely follows the work of both these groups.

We contribute to decentralized open source communities

Anonyome Labs contributes back to the open source community by providing source code, bug fixes, and to the core ACA-PY: Aries Cloud Agent – Python service. This is a cloud agent that provides verifiable credentials issuer and verifier capabilities, endorser (capability to write to various blockchains), and more.

Photo by: Chan2545

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