7 Great Things Cardrates.com Told its 15 Million+ Readers About Sudo Platform and MySudo

Sep 21, 2022 | Privacy & Security

The “Ultimate guide to credit cards” advisory service CardRates.com recently spoke to Anonyome Labs’ Director of Marketing, Rich Sordahl, and Fintech Operations Manager, Dave Glass, to review Sudo Platformand MySudo for CardRates’ 15 million + users

Skip straight to the review: Sudo by Anonyome Labs: Enabling Secure Digital Tools That Protect Identities and Transactions

CardRates, which reports the latest news, studies and current events from inside the credit card industry, broke down exactly what our privacy tools for both enterprise customers and everyday consumers do, and why they are essential for protecting identities and transactions online. 

Here are seven great things CardRates.com told its 15 Million+ readers about Sudo Platform and MySudo: 

  1. “Anonyome Labs has built a simple but effective solution through its Sudo Platform — a set of tools that protect online activity through customizable virtual identities known as Sudos. Anonyome works with large enterprises interested in providing privacy protection to end users, and it offers the MySudo app directly to consumers.”
  2. “It’s not too much to say that a privacy crisis threatens the ability of the internet to facilitate modern conveniences without destroying consumer privacy. Credit bureaus, insurance agencies, personal privacy protection companies, and other enterprise-level clients use Anonyome’s Sudo Platform to foster a more protective internet.”
  3. “Sudos are at the heart of the platform. Many consumers typically keep separate work and personal profiles online. Sudos provide a platform that enables individuals to create up to nine virtual identities for different aspects of their online lives.”
  4. “Companies determine how they deploy that functionality based on their use cases. Through Sudos, end users deploy virtual email addresses and phone numbers for voice calling and texting. The platform also houses a host of other privacy protections — all easy to integrate into existing corporate infrastructure via preconstructed user interface modules, sample apps, and software development kits (SDKs).”
  5. “The Sudo Platform keeps communications private with tools that include encrypted messaging, voice, video, and email. Private browsing, ad blocking, and site reputation services protect end users from online threats. And the ability to create virtual credit and debit cards enables users to shop securely by creating a different card for every purpose.”
  6. “Signup [to virtual cards] through the app or one of Anonyome’s partners requires a comprehensive KYC (know your customer) identity check that Anonyome’s services perform. After they’re validated, users connect a debit or credit card to make transactions. ACH based funding via bank account is coming soon. Creating and changing Sudos for shopping, browsing, social media, or anything else is simple.”
  7. “There’s no turning back from the efficiencies and conveniences of digital life. But every click and tap has the potential to become part of a bank’s or merchant’s revenue model. Sudos give consumers a simple way to control how they present themselves online.”

Read the entire review: Sudo by Anonyome Labs: Enabling Secure Digital Tools That Protect Identities and Transactions

Anonyome Labs did not sponsor or pay for this review. 

*Virtual cards available for iOS and US only. Android and more locations coming soon.

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