Product Management

Company-Wide Ownership Leads to Better Products

In software development, the reality is that there so many things that can go wrong. One example is a high-priority defect being discovered right before a build needs to be shipped. This puts developers and testers in a stressful situation where working extra hours might be the only option. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing, […]


Privacy on Android Q: Comparison to iOS 12

Google recently announced the latest version of the Android operation system, Android Q, with a number of privacy-focused features. Like Apple, it seems that Google understands that users are increasingly concerned about privacy, and bolstering privacy on the platform is critical to its long-term success. But how does the latest set of privacy enhancements compare […]


Building customer-centric products with privacy at the core

The best way to build customer-centric products is to collect information directly from customers on what problems they experience, ensuring that you have a customer feedback pipeline. However, when collecting information from customers, privacy can so easily be breached. Here are a few principles we firmly believe here at Anonyome Labs that help us become […]


The platform revolution has completely changed the way companies scale

Early in my career, I was tasked with building and launching a company website. I knew very little about web design, cascading style sheets, FTP clients, and the daunting task of working in HTML. Luckily for me, WordPress was in its infancy – pivoting from a standalone blogging service to a feature-rich platform that empowered […]