Anonyome Labs Listed in IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report 2021

Jun 2, 2021 | Product

We are pleased to announce Anonyome Labs is listed in the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Tech Vendor Report 2021

Anonyome Labs joins 355 other qualified organizations in the 2021 compendium of privacy tech vendors. This is a significant increase from the 44 vendors listed in the inaugural report in 2017. The number of priv tech categories is also higher in 2021: now 11 categories split across two groups — Privacy program management and Enterprise privacy management. 

We see this growth in both vendor numbers and priv tech categories as evidence of the explosion in market awareness of privacy and of the vital need to protect personally identifiable information among consumers and enterprise. 

The IAPP agrees, saying these changes represent as a “metamorphosis” in the privacy landscape in recent years. 

When the IAPP released its 2017 report, it described the privacy technology marketplace as being “on the precipice of a major evolutionary shift”. You’ll recall the EU’s GDPR was about a year off becoming law and the marketplace had some early tech vendors. (Anonyome Labs was around at this time—we were established in 2014 through the pioneering foresight of our early founders—but we were still developing our early products.) 

Since 2017, the world has seen the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018, Brazil’s General Data Protection Law2018, and other privacy laws around the world, including plenty of regulatory movement at the state level in the US. This raft of new compliance requirements has brought a corresponding increase in the demand for privacy tech.  

As an aside, the rise of privacy tech was the focus of an expert panel at this year’s Data Privacy Day. Read 8 Key Takeaways From the ‘Rise of Privacy Tech’ Panel With Our Co-CEO Dr Paul Ashley for some considered insights.  

In releasing the 5th edition of the Privacy Tech Vendor Report in 2021, the IAPP observes: “Privacy tech has undergone a paradigm shift over the past five years, affecting everything from the development of privacy tech tools to the attitude toward privacy tech vendors. The five-year mark of the report’s existence is perhaps the proper time to look at how far the privacy tech market has gone and where it will go in the future”. (We’ve been thinking about the future of privacy for a while. Read our 10-year forecast.) 

In the 2021 report, Anonyome Labs is listed under the Privacy Information Managers category as the best fit, but we acknowledge that our enterprise offering, Sudo Platform, is difficult to categorize given its unique depth and breadth.  

Sudo Platform is a scalable developer platform that provides companies with the necessary tools to build privacy and cybersafety solutions into new and existing products for their end users. The Sudo Platform’s public APIs and SDKs offer developers various privacy-oriented capabilities including private telephony and email services, end-to-end encrypted communications, private browsing, password management, virtual card payments. These capabilities are available for mobile, desktop, and web applications.  

Inside Sudo Platform 

At the heart of Sudo Platform is our innovative digital identity concept called the Sudo. A Sudo is a secure, customizable digital identity or ‘profile’ that intentionally differentiates from a consumer’s personal identity and protects their personal data.    

A Sudo isn’t a ‘burner’ or fake ID—it’s a real, alternative identity that a consumer can use anywhere their personal identity is required. The consumer’s Sudo profile is a secure stand-in for their personal identity, and it’s entirely under their control. They create the Sudo profile and manage it.   

Sudos are the centerpiece of our Sudo Platform complete business toolkit for rapidly producing branded cybersecurity solutions, and our exemplar consumer privacy app, MySudo.  

When enterprises access Sudo Platform to rapidly produce branded cybersecurity solutions, they can use the Sudo as part of a menu of high value privacy tools delivered as easy-to-use APIs and SDKs.   

When giving the recent Engineers Australia Annual Informatics Lecture, our co-CEO and CTO, Dr Paul Ashley, spoke on privacy and the tech driving it this decade, particularly identity and anonymous profiles online. Paul shared that in developing the Sudo, we wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before. And that’s what the global fight for privacy will demand from us and others in this space, as well as any company that engages with user data: out of the box thinking and privacy by design

Read the full article on Dr Paul Ashley’s landmark lecture on how to solve the privacy problem. 

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