Italy Fines Google and Apple and Proves Why We All Need Sudos

Dec 29, 2021 | Privacy & Security

It’s been a big year for reining in big tech, with all sorts of developments and no doubt more to come in 2022. 

One recent story is that Google and Apple were each fined €10 million by Italy’s competition and market authority (AGCM) for not providing their customers with clear information about how they use their data commercially, and for being “aggressive” in pushing users to accept commercial processing of data. These actions violate Italy’s consumer code.

According to the AGCM, Google didn’t give users relevant information at the account creation stage and when using services so they could make informed decisions about whether or not to consent to their data being used for commercial purposes.

Apple copped the fine for reportedly failing to give users immediate access to clear information about how it uses customer information commercially when a customer creates an Apple ID or accesses digital stores like the App Store.

This news is interesting because let’s face it: we expected it from Google, but Apple is one of the good guys on privacy—or so its careful marketing narrative would lead us all to believe. 

To us, these sanctions are yet another reason why every consumer needs Sudos—secure, customizable digital identities or ‘profiles’ that intentionally differentiate from a consumer’s personal identity and protect their personal data. Regulators and watch dogs usually don’t intervene in data misuse until after harm has been done. So isn’t it better to close the gate before the horse bolts? 

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